The Confidence Test – The #1 Most Important Test You Can’t Afford Not To Take


No one is immune from suffering; we all either lack or suffer from something at some point in our lives. This state of lacking or suffering from something is called an “I lack virtue.”

See, whether you are:

  • stuck in life;
  • trapped in a depressed state;
  • lack confidence with men or women; and/or
  • are unable to reset, refocus and move forward…

…The bottom line is you should at least assess yourself by taking The Confidence Test in order to find out where your strengths lie and your weaknesses are at. Because I can guarantee you that if you do nothing… if you do not take action by doing the self esteem test then its guaranteed that you will remain internally crippled (paralyzed) from one or more I lack virtues that exist in your life.

What Is An I Lack Virtue?

An I lack virtue is a thought command that has been induced for the sole purpose to either build up or tear down the whole moral essence of your really are.

An I lack virtue is a thought command that you have been conditioned to believe, to the point that the thought actually feels real and mentally holds you back you from reaching your goals in life.


Now For More Brutal Honesty…


An I lack thought virtue can be placed inside your mind either by your voice command or someone else’s. Scary right!?

Examples of some I lack thought virtues you may be suffering from are:

  • I lack confidence;
  • I lack being able to troubleshoot problems fast;
  • I lack being able develop a higher level of awareness;
  • I lack being able to reset, refocus and move forward in life;
  • I lack a loving relationship;
  • I lack financial security

…and much more.

The Confidence Test is comprised of short questions that assess your current mindset, using a unique scoring system that will generate out your confidence test score at the end.

People who lack confidence and self esteem typically fall into one of four surface level categories. Those who find it difficult to:

  1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones,
  2. Reset, refocus and move forward,
  3. Troubleshoot problems fast; and/or
  4. Develop a higher awareness of thinking.

The first step to start regaining back control over your life is doing a mental surveillance and assess your levels of confidence and self esteem by taking The Confidence Test. By discovering where your current strengths lie and your weaknesses are at you can literally start to get unstuck and move forward towards a better life, almost overnight.

Created by renowned self help guru Rock Erickson, The Confidence Test is the first step in identifying if you qualify for the more in-depth, Mass Confidence Training Program. The training program doesn’t just simply identify your current strengths and weaknesses. The Mass Confidence Training Program is unique in that it helps you discover your true self, (not who you’ve been hiding behind) and takes you on a step by step, easy to follow journey in order to break away all of the pain and negative I lack thought virtues that have been keeping you stuck in life.  And provides you with a roadmap to take you from your past old self to the life you truly desire most.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to take The Confidence Test and embark on the first day of your confident life.

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