You Must Agree To These Rules Before You Claim Your Spot In The Mass Confidence Training Program

Everyone wants success, but not everyone gets success. Knowledge is useless unless you take action. The results you want relies on your dedication to the Mass Confidence Training Program.

To get access to the Mass Confidence Training Program you must follow these guidelines:

  1. To push through your roadblocks, overcome your fears boost your confidence and gain success, you must deserve it. You won't be successful overnight, but you can master these formulas and techniques and gain the skills to be successful a lot sooner than you think.
  2. To reset, refocus,  replace negative thoughts and move forward with confidence and excitement you must be consistent. quoted The University College London stating that forming a new habit takes at least 66 days. Rock chose 365 days of training because its proven time frame you will need to begin retraining your thoughts to gain new levels of success.
  3. To achieve the levels of success that all of your friends and family will envy you must always invest in yourself. Warren Buffett the world's greatest investor said "The more you learn, the more you earn."
  4. You must not be a member of a professional association who will turn around and release these methods as your own. If you do - your lawyers will scream in pain when my lawyers nail your thieving head to the wall.
  5. You may not share or resell access to the Mass Confidence Training Program - ever. If you don't think these techniques work, I'll buy back your membership and sell them to one of the women (or men) on the waiting list. They'll laugh at your decision when they begin to skyrocket their confidence and reach new levels of success and happiness.
  6. This program comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I do not release these materials lightly. If the testimonials gave you a glimpse into the world of what's possible, "The Mass Confidence Training Program" can transform your life.
  7. This is not for people who are already confident and successful in their life. This is only for women (and men) who want to take their confidence and life to the next a level where most people only pray, wish and dream of - but never achieve.
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